Do you know those holes in the engine?

2016-08-01 00:00

1, the crankshaft box on the engine work, there will always be a part of the fuel gas and exhaust gas through the piston ring and the cylinder wall clearance into the crankcase. Put into the crankcase of fuel vapor condensation after dilution of oil, exhaust gas in the acid and water vapor will erode the parts and degrade performance oil (dilution, aging and coking). Also enter the crankcase gas will make the box temperature and pressure were increased, causing the oil from oil seal, gasket, etc. leaking; due to the reciprocating motion of the piston, crankshaft box of gas pressure in the periodic changes of, launch influence the normal work of, serious will make oil in the crankcase channeling to the combustion chamber and cylinder cap. In order to avoid the above phenomena, the engine is provided with a ventilation device to balance the inner and outer pressure of the crankcase. Use if appear the phenomenon of burning oil, oil along the joint surface leakage, uneven oil premature deterioration and the engine idling stability, should check crankcase ventilation device is valid, should ensure smooth ventilation hole, negative pressure valve shall not deformation, adhesion or wrong, breathing tube shall not be bent or blockage, one-way valve should be placed shall not with cork instead of refueling plug.

2, the fuel tank cap on the ventilation holes in order to prevent tank fuel due to oscillation and spills and oil vapor escape estrangement external dust into the tank should be stamped and sealed. However, when the fuel consumption to reduce oil consumption, the fuel tank will form a certain degree of vacuum, so that the oil pump to lose oil absorption capacity; in addition, when the temperature is very high, the fuel evaporation, oil vapor will make the tank pressure is too large. These two kinds of situations require that the pressure difference between the inner and outer tank can be automatically communicated with the atmosphere. To this end, the oil tank cover is provided with a vent hole to balance the inner and outer pressure of the oil tank. In the use of the fuel tank cover should be guaranteed vent flow. If the vent blockage or when the fuel tank cap is lost with plastic sheeting the tank mouth stabbed to death, when the engine works inside the tank will due to a drop in fuel level, negative pressure is formed, which appeared in the engine operation is not smooth, power down, automatic flameout and in the condition of heat engine is difficult to start etc. phenomenon.

3, the radiator tank inlet and exhaust hole when the engine is working, in airtight cooling system water temperature rise will make the vaporization of the cooling water and produce high pressure, can make the radiator core tube because of cracking and leaking. And when the engine load or stop running, the cooling system of steam condensed water and the pressure decreased, the pressure difference may make the core tube is compressed, hindering the normal cycle of cooling water. To this end, the radiator cover is provided with an air steam valve, and a common air vent is communicated with the air. When the water temperature increases, the radiator in produced water vapor, open the steam valve, water vapor from the discharge hole; when the water temperature is lowered, pressure drop, air valve is opened, outside air will from the hole into the radiator, so as to guarantee the stable pressure in the radiator. In the use of this hole should be guaranteed, can not be blocked, otherwise it will affect the radiator and engine cooling performance.

4,The drainage hole cooling water pump shell at the lower end of the hole is used to discharge from the water leakage between the impeller and the casing of the water. When in use to ensure its smooth, otherwise it will cause the leakage of water can not be discharged into the bearing seat, thereby accelerating the bearing damage.

5,The function of the small end of the connecting rod and bushing lubrication oil hole the hole, make lubricating oil promptly transported to the small end of the connecting rod and bushing lubrication, the bore produces blocking phenomenon, will accelerate the bushing wear and reduce its service life, the premature engine to have a percussion sound.

6,and on the back side of the piston top of cooling injection nozzle for some strengthening higher degree of diesel engine piston, because conventional cooling has been unable to meet the requirements, so the injection cooling measures of the structure on the top of the piston. The widely used, oil through the connecting rod center road attracted lubricating oil by spray hole is arranged on the top end of the connecting rod head, on the back at the top of the piston of oil cooling, such as 6120Q, Mitsubishi type DC system of diesel engine; some models in the lubricating oil channel at a special nozzle, on the back side of the piston top of spray cooling (such as 6140 type, Nissan rd8 type diesel engine). In use to ensure the smooth flow of the jet holes (mouth), otherwise at the top of the piston will due to lack of oil injection cooling the temperature of the piston increased increase the heat load of the top of the piston and piston rings, so that the thermal expansion increase, even the piston in the cylinder motion blocked.

7, air filter dust cover of exhaust dust hole of engine air filter dust exhaust hood no dust cup (such as 4115, 2125 and 195 type diesel engine), but in the dust cover and airflow direction of rotation opposite to open with two tangential dust discharging holes, so that we can rely on the inertia even the edge of the filter dust. If the dust removing hole is blocked, the dust can not be discharged in time, and the filtering of other particles can also be affected, thereby increasing the resistance of the air inlet and the failure of the engine to generate power due to the shortage of gas supply.



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