Loss of serious and modern import dealer claims back net compensation of 900 million yuan

2016-08-01 00:00

Automotive News according to Reuters, as Hyundai will sales main models of the new Santa Fe to in China domestically, but the follow-up but not to launch other models, leading to serious import vehicle dealer losses. Therefore, modern Chinese dealers requirements the car enterprises the of 8 billion to 9 billion yuan (1.2 billion -1.35 billion U. S. dollars) network back compensation.

On 20 modern dealers in China Wang Rongzhen July Reuters that modern cars have been withdrawn from the available to Chinese importers and distributors of the product lineup, only provide a model -- fly think of available for sale, Jieen Si limousine and win up to accept reservations.

Hyundai said, import dealers can apply to become Beijing's modern production models of the dealer, however, Wang Rongzhen pointed out that there is no successful transformation of the import dealer.

Wang Rongzhen said in an interview, the dealer is to sell the car, if the manufacturers do not provide models, we can not sell it, but only back net." Hyundai has nearly 40 imported dealers in China, of which 30 dealers claim compensation.

According to modern Chinese distributors released a joint letter, Hyundai will import sales accounted for the ratio of 80% of the new SANTA FE models by the Beijing modern production, follow-up but did not release the other main vehicle, dealers have thus appear serious losses. In addition, since 2014 so far, Chinese modern advised dealers in China back network has nearly 50%, from 2016 onwards no longer receive orders, or fails to provide with the China automobile emission standards for five models, resulting in no cars to sell, import modern dealers in China so the car enterprises to return the net compensation.

In the face of a similar situation, the other car companies dealers also seek to share the loss of car prices, in early 2015, BMW group agreed to fund a shortage of dealers compensation $820 million.



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